How we're governed

The governing body of the Institute is Council, a body of 16 elected trustees plus grade representatives, all members of the CIEHF, who meet 4 times per year. The responsibilities of trustees are broadly 3-fold, to ensure:

  1. That the Institute fulfils charitable obligations which tangibly benefit the public at large.
  2. That the Institute provides a competitive package of benefits to members of all grades.
  3. That it maintains an agreed strategic course, a course proposed from time to time in conjunction with the Chief Executive and as agreed by Council, consistent with the Institute remaining a thriving, going concern.


Governing roles

Read on to understand more about what each role entails.

Role: President Elect (position open for election each year)
Length of term: 1 year
Contact time: 8 meetings per year
Responsibilities: The President Elect works with the President and Chief Executive and within the agreed strategic and business direction in preparation for the President role. The President Elect deputises for the President and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Role: Treasurer (no position available this year)
Length of term: 3 years
Contact time: 8 meetings per year
Responsibilities: The Treasurer provides governance oversight of our finances to ensure they are used in the best interests of members and the CIEHF and in accordance with the Charter and Strategic Plan. The Treasurer oversees our budget and investments and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Role: Council Member (positions open for election each year)
Length of term: 3 years
Contact time: 4 meetings per year
Responsibilities: Each Council member is a Trustee of the CIEHF and provides oversight of operational, financial and strategic affairs. Trustees provide opinions and ideas and ensure good governance.

Role: Graduate, Technical and Associate Member Representatives on Council (positions open for election each year)
Length of term: 3 years
Contact time: 4 meetings per year
Responsibilities: As for Council members. Representatives are encouraged to offer opinion in their capacity as a Graduate Member.

Role: Member of the Professional Affairs Board (positions open for election each year)
Length of term: 3 years
Contact time: 4 meetings per year
Responsibilities: PAB Members provide advice, opinion and ideas on professional matters relating to the discipline and take a full part in PAB meetings.

If you're interested in any of these positions, please contact us for more details.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of four senior trustees provides comment, analysis and recommendations to Council. Click on the names for more details.

Throughout my professional career I have championed multi and interdisciplinary working, promoting a Human Centred and Inclusive approach to Design. As an Ergonomist, Industrial Designer, Bioengineer and Consultant Clinical Scientist, putting the human first has always been my focus and I have endeavoured to promote Ergonomics & Human Factors internationally at every opportunity through my work, be this in the design of biomedical flight hardware for NASA Space Shuttle, rehabilitation, public health and clinical, consumer product design and academia. My passion is the value of collaboration, in bringing together Design, Ergonomics and Healthcare to provide a better quality of life for all. I was fortunate to have been co-founder of the Brunel Institute of Bioengineering with the late Prof Heinz Wolff and also instrumental in establishing The European Institute for Design & Disability, Medilink and the Medical Technologies Cluster for The West Midlands. I am currently serving a second term as President of The Chartered Society of Designers, the world’s largest professional body for designers governed by Royal Charter, now in its 90th year. An active member of CIEHF since graduating from Loughborough in 1981, I served 10 years on Council and am currently co-lead for Healthcare (Medical Devices), sit on Human Factors apprenticeship panel and lead the User Experience Design learning pathway. I'm honoured to have the opportunity, as President Elect, to support the future development and growth of CIEHF and promote the vital contribution of our profession at this exciting and challenging time.
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I’ve been applying HF/E to address industry problems since I gained MSc Ergonomics from UCL in 1995. I’m an experienced HF/E people manager and enjoy developing (and learning from!) my team. I'm a Chartered Fellow, European Ergonomist and AFBPsS. In 2018, I was honoured to receive the Otto Edholm award. I work in Rail and Defence and co-developed the HSE’s Offshore HFI standard (RR001). In recent years, I expanded the application of HF/E into cybersecurity, developing a new approach. As an industry practitioner, I appreciate client budgetary challenges and am keen to champion HF/E in our 5-year plan. To this end, I would support more Human Connection publications and am keen to encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing. I would like to see HF methods and templates on our website. CIEHF-endorsed training courses, career pathways and CPD would also gain my support.

The Institute’s 5-year plan outlines an exciting vision to be more professional, inclusive and collaborative, but we also face new challenges: expanding membership, translating expertise, engaging more with the public, professions, and policy-makers. ‘Supporting our members’ is a strategic theme and something I believe is core to the Institute’s existence and progress. Whether that is reconnecting with ex-members, streamlining CPD review processes, helping early-career/established members expand their skills, knowledge and training, I am honoured, as President Elect, to help you all become more influential, connected and visible so that together we support the reputation, impact and reach of the Institute. I graduated 25 years ago back when the Institute was the old ‘ErgSoc’, and I’ve had the privilege of working alongside many leading figures in E/HF at DERA (Air Systems and CHS), Birmingham University (Industrial Ergonomics Group), Loughborough University (HUSAT), The University of Nottingham (VIRART and HFRG), and Coventry University (HSI Group and NTDC). I've been a member of the Institute for almost 25 years, I've continually supported it's activities (Annual/Student Conferences, Career’s Days, Motorcycle Ergonomics SIG, PAB, CIEHF rep for PACTS) and actively promote our discipline and the Institute around the world. I’ve also worked closely with IEA, HFES and HFESNZ members and recently contributed to the Patient Safety Learning Forum’s initiative to expand E/HF. I feel I have the skills and experience to take on this role and the commitment to do my best for you all.


I’ve been involved in the Institute for many years - on Council, on PAB, and as President. I’m a Chartered Fellow and work part-time in high-hazard consultancy. The Institute is launching its new 5-year strategy, which represents a bold set of targets that will allow it to grow, support its members and become more influential. It has recognized that to achieve these goals it needs to drive forward a range of activities – some will be new, and others will be continuation or improvement of what we currently do – and all will require funding if they are to succeed. The Institute’s financial position is currently sound, but there are uncertainties on the horizon that may affect revenue. We therefore need to identify and secure additional streams to complement our current income sources, both to ensure delivery of our plans and to improve resilience, without excessive burden on members. I’m very enthusiastic about the prospects for the Institute but recognize that delivery will require careful financial management. I will support volunteers, the CEO and all the Institute staff in the exciting next few years, whilst also providing the necessary governance on behalf of members.


Upcoming Council meetings:
3 Jun 2021
9 Sep 2021
2 Dec 2021

I am a Chartered Fellow member of the CIEHF and have been applying Human Factors within the aviation industry with over 20 years. My day to day role involves leading a team providing HF consultancy across the Air sector. I am also Head of the Human Factors Discipline defining the HF strategic capability requirements for Future Combat Air Systems including people competencies and process improvement developments. I act as mentor and referee for many people (not limited to aerospace/defence) as they work towards their CIEHF membership, including Registered, Fellow, and Technical applications. I am committed to supporting the CIEHF and regularly volunteer with the assessment of various applications whether it is membership applications, course accreditation, or conference submissions. I am passionate about spreading the Human Factors message far and wide and would love to help CIEHF to increase its membership numbers through developing a means to include associated discipline members (such as UX).
I have been a member of CIEHF since 1990 and have moved through the memberships grades, attaining Fellow grade in 2006. Over the years I have held many CIEHF volunteering roles - several terms of office on the PAB and also Membership Committee. I am a keen believer in the professional development of our membership and would like to help both Council and PAB explore further development opportunities for our members' professional expertise. Although retired now, I have many years experience from working in the manufacturing and defence sectors, and in research, teaching and course management and development in higher education. My current personal development goal involves completion of a PhD in 2019 - something I have wanted to do all my working life.
I have been heavily involved with the Institute for well over 10 years now; as a Council member, head of secretariat, and co-chair of the EHF conference for the past four years. Latterly, I have also been involved in setting the next 5 year strategy for the Institute, which I am incredibly excited about
I am a Senior Human Factors Engineer with nearly twenty years' experience across industry, consultancy and public service. The CIEHF has provided me with an outstanding opportunity to develop my career as a Chartered Ergonomist. I'm currently co-opted onto Council to champion membership issues, working with the CIEHF Chief Executive Noorzaman Rashid. I would like to carry out this role for longer and contribute to the CIEHF becoming a world-class professional body. I have increased my voluntary involvement with the CIEHF over recent years, more recently working on several responses to Covid-19 as part of our Expert Panel. I'm also working on a publication on the HF issues for Managers responsible for implementing Vaccination Programmes for Covid-19 with Professors Paul Bowie, Sue Hignett, Mark Sujan and others. I'm hugely committed to using my knowledge in a voluntary capacity to help others. In this capacity, I am the Stroke and Human Factors Lead for the London Ambulance Service Independent Patient’s Forum. I used my Human Factors expertise to help drive forward major improvements to pre-Hospital stroke care in London. As a member of the CIEHF Council, I will endeavour to work to help broaden our membership base, contributing to the CIEHF becoming the most influential organisation for our discipline. I'm excited about helping to engage members to get the most out of their membership.
Hi, I’m Kirsty aka The Travelling Ergonomist and I’m passionate about educating the world on the subject of ergonomics and human factors. In a world where we are campaigning for mental health awareness, creating sugar taxes to minimise the obesity crisis and lining the streets about climate change, it’s staggering that ergonomics and human factors, the very science that impacts how humans interact with their environment has yet to be fully in the limelight. With this in mind I host a podcast called ‘Navigating the Workplace with The Travelling Ergonomist’ where I connect with experts in the field of workplace, ergonomics and health and share their invaluable insights with the rest of the world. Alongside this I spend a lot of my time networking and creating content for social media to elevate not only my brand but also that of Ergonomics. I have become the new lead of the Workplace Sector Group of the CIEHF where I hope to create a thriving community by connecting like-minded individuals. My goal is to organise speaker events, develop white papers and networking events. I’m passionate about mentoring others and supporting those that are looking to work in this field. There is a huge opportunity right now to align ergonomics and human factors with other related disciplines, particularly as conversations around wellbeing have grown exponentially over the last few years.
Human Performance is the reason I get up every day. For the last 2 years I’ve been developing the opportunity and exploring the advantage of integrating human factors in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing space leading the CIEHF Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing sub group. We look for opportunities to deliver guidance to integrate human factors and system thinking into daily ways of working. My experience as GlaxoSmithKline Director of Human Factors since 2014 means I bring my learning about to make it easier for people to perform safely, compliantly, and effectively. When you appreciate that people are not the problem to solve but the solution to harness (Dekker), we can ask better questions and understand that how we respond to issues matter. An example of the change I have driven is shared in The Ergonomist, Jan 2021 highlighting our approach to raise capability in early talent (under graduates) at GSK Barnard Castle.
I graduated from Systems Engineering MEng in 2005 then PhD in Human Sciences (Ergonomics) at Loughborough University. During this I joined the CIEHF as a Student Member. I have been part of the Membership Committee for a number of years, supporting various initiatives, including development of the Student Committee and introduction of the Technical Member grade and have recently joined the Events Committee. I’m a Lecturer in Systems Engineering at Loughborough University, with broad research interests in design, organisational systems and pedagogy. I’m keen to bring my varied background and enthusiasm to the Council.
I'm an Inspector with the Rail Accident Investigation Branch, where I've worked to integrate HF into the Branch's strategy and investigations since July 2012. Prior to that most of my career was in academia, and I have a heightened appreciation of the 'research-practice gap' thanks to my experience on both sides of that fence. I would seek ways for the CIEHF to address this during my time on Council. I also have a keen interest in public engagement with human factors / ergonomics.
I am a Chartered Ergonomics Consultant with more than 7 years’ experience from a range of industries, including transportation, infrastructure, energy and defence. A member of the CIEHF since 2011, I am also a member of the Young Rail Professionals. Throughout my career I have demonstrated keen support for the Institute. As Graduate Representative to Council (2014-17), I saw the Institute’s charter receive Royal Assent and preparations for the 70th Anniversary. During this time there was also significant operational transformation, including appointment of a new Chief Executive, outsourcing of public relations activities, and outsourcing of ‘The Ergonomist’. Other volunteer roles include Membership Committee (2015-2018) and CPD Assessor (2020-present). Alongside my professional and volunteer roles, I am studying for a MSc in Engineering Management. I’m looking to build on efforts to make volunteering more accessible by championing the role of volunteers in Council and challenging the Executive and the committees to understand and overcome the barriers to volunteering.
In my relatively short period of time as a Registered Member, I have already had many fantastic experiences - reading and contributing to The Ergonomist, being involved in the Healthcare Sector Group, participating in webinars, having discussions with colleagues, and making new friends along the way. I am excited by the new vision for CIEHF, and I would like to contribute actively to it. Professionally, I apply human factors across safety-critical industries, and I enjoy being an active member of a diverse range of professional bodies and societies to promote professionalisation and best practice. I will bring these experiences and contacts to the Council table as we seek to grow our membership and foster external relations. It’s a great time to be part of CIEHF.
I have over 18 years experience working in the human factors and ergonomics domain. I'm a Chartered Ergonomist and Chartered Engineer. I'm the founder and Managing Director of K Sharp, a business dedicated to human factors and Human Science Research which I have been running for 7 years. This builds upon a career working in aviation and defence in both applied Human Factors as well as leading edge and Blue Sky Research. I believe in volunteering and supporting the CIEHF, previously I have been a membership assessor and am currently a CPD reviewer. I believe as a Council member I can bring my experiences of working in industry, running my business and promoting Human Factors Excellence. I want to contribute to the the development of the CIEHF, bringing my experience in industry as well as campaigning and lobbying for improvements and recognition of our sector.
I have over 30 years’ experience applying and leading human factors teams in the defence and commercial sectors. I have Chartered membership of the CIEHF with application for Fellow in progress. I head up the Naval Ships, Human Factors Group in BAE Systems, Chair the HF Community of Practice for all BAE Systems businesses worldwide and actively mentor HF Engineers. I am passionate about human factors and want to see it more widely recognised as a profession, and firmly embedded within projects. I have been a long-standing member of the MOD Industry HFI Liaison Group, now part of the CIEHF Defence Sector Group. Over the years, involvement has included feedback and guidance on defence HFI processes, and standards. I sit on the Lloyds Register HF Panel for Maritime industries, which is developing regulatory guidance. I am part of the ‘Inspiring Women’ group and promote inclusivity and diversity. Sitting on the Institute of Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group, I am contributing to the development of a HF Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship, which should strengthen the pipeline of candidates coming into the profession. As a long-standing member and supporter of the CIEHF, I am looking to take an active role as a member of the CIEHF Council. I will bring my experience from industry and endeavour to promote and help broaden our membership base both nationally and internationally, thereby contributing to CIEHF becoming the most influential organisation for our discipline. Finally helping to engage members to get the most out of their membership. 
The CIEHF is an organisation that has given much to me. In 2018 I was the recipient of the prestigious New Ergonomist of the Year Award (formerly the Hywel Murrell Award), given to reward excellence in the early years of an ergonomist’s career. I recently co-authored a paper, which we have the honour of presenting at EHF2021. I also have the pleasure of acting as referee and mentor colleagues on their way to Registered Membership. Serving as a Council Member is an opportunity to contribute and give back to an organisation I am proud to be a member of. I currently work at Auto Trader as User Researcher to their vehicle retailer customers, for whom we provide tools, platforms and software to help run their business and facilitate sales with customers. The socio-technical systems thinking core of my human factors expertise helps ensure that behavioural insight, good design principles and a sound evidence base are used on their journey to digitally transform an industry and provide delightful end to end services that serve both retailers and the consumer. It is this experience I hope to add to Council. To help the CIEHF lead on the application of human factors in the digital services field and help shape a pathway for those interested in user experience and digital service design. To help the CIEHF thrive during the industrial change that digital continues to bring and contribute to what is sure to be an exciting future for the CIEHF.
I have twenty-five years post-doc ergonomics experience, initially working at MIRA, TRL and latterly Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. During my career so far, I have developed expertise in research and teaching of human factors, from delivery of modules through to course development, management and accreditation. As a Chartered Fellow, I am a reviewer for courses and individual CIEHF applications. I’m a longstanding contributor to ISO/BSI standards development, and I’m just finishing a three-year term on our Professional Affairs Board. My experience is that we are in the midst of a period of enormous change for the Institute. I believe this has been overwhelmingly positive for our discipline, and the general public’s awareness of our contribution to society. My background provides me with a breadth of capabilities to contribute to the strategic direction of the institute. I hope my experience also provides insight as to those times when caution may be the prudent course of action recommended to the other trustees. During my term, I would seek further collaboration with cognate disciplines. For example, through increased coordination of online talks, regional events and associated activities of other professional organisations.
I have just finished a three-year term at CIEHF and step down as Past President in Apr 21. During this time, we have launched a new 5-year strategy plan, recruited a new Chief Executive and markedly improved CIEHF's social media profile. I would like to stay on as a Council Member in order to assist the Institute with the strategy - in particular, its plans to strengthen its international links and attract new members. As one of the largest societies of its kind, CIEHF has a lot to offer new international members, including webinars and online training and accreditation of courses and programmes. Membership has increased in the last year, despite the restrictions of COVID-19. These are exciting times and there is great potential. 


Registrar and ex-officio, non-voting, member of Council and the PAB (Professional Affairs Board), since May 2018.
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Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensures, in an independent manner, that an organisation applies the laws protecting individuals’ personal data. The designation, position and tasks of a DPO within an organisation are described in Articles 37, 38 and 39 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
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Professional Affairs Board

The Professional Affairs Board (PAB) is responsible for setting and overseeing the professional standards of the CIEHF membership. The Board is responsible for maintaining the registers of professional members and of consultancies, and also for accrediting ergonomics/human factors degree and short courses. The Board is also responsible for maintaining professional standards through the Code of Professional Conduct and the Disciplinary Procedure. Members of the PAB are elected and are all Registered Members or Fellows of the Institute. The accreditation work of the Board is divided amongst volunteers who assess applications against the standards set by the Board.

Read the full set of rules governing PAB activities.

Current members of PAB:
Fiona Cayzer (Co-Chair & Fellowship Lead)
Barbara Haward (Co-Chair & Registered/Technical Lead)
Martin Thody (CPD Lead)
Diane Gyi (Education & Training Lead)
Jaina Mistry
Mike Gray (CREE Panel Chair)
Steve Harmer
Paul Clark (Registered Consultancy Lead)
Roy Cochran-Patel
Katharine Metters
Catherine Albert
Helen Vosper

Membership Champion

The remit of the Membership Champion is:

  • to be aware of initiatives for gaining new members.
  • to be aware of initiatives for the retention of existing members.
  • to review and suggest improvements to the membership benefits package.
  • to work with the CE and COO to support the strategy where it relates to membership.

Events Champion & Programme Committees

The remit of the Events Champion is:

  • to contribute to discussion about feasibility of annual events run by the Institute.
  • to be aware of ad-hoc events suggested by members.
  • to support, where possible, programme committees formed for specific events.
  • to work with the CE and COO to support the strategy where it relates to events.

The primary function of the Programme Committees is to contribute to national events that are organised and run by the Institute to ensure they are of high quality, provide value and benefit to attendees, and contribute to continuing professional development.

Honours Committee

The primary function of the Honours Committee is to recognise individuals and groups who have contributed to the advancement of ergonomics, exceptional volunteering, contributions to the discipline and the noteworthy application of ergonomics/human factors in the UK and the award of distinctions each year.

Current members of the Honours Committee:
Bob Bridger (Chair)
Amanda Widdowson
Neil Mansfield
Claire Dickinson
Ian Randle 
Sarah Sharples