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User Centric Design provide full through life support and delivery of HF skills to projects in industries including: Rail, Medical, Defence, Nuclear, and Aviation. In these and other industries we are able to support: Human Factors Integration; ethnographical research; interface design, workspace design, anthropometric assessments, requirements and user needs generation; user testing and formatives; user requirements validation and summative trials; HF assurance. Find out more at

Areas of Expertise

All Areas of Expertise

Design: Product
Sectors: Medical
Design: Workplace
Sectors: Air Traffic Control, Nuclear
Design: Control room
Sectors: Air Traffic Control, Nuclear, Rail, Defence (Naval)
Design: Software
Sectors: Air Traffic Control, Investment Banking, Insurance, Mortgage Lenders
Design: Office
Sectors: NATS
Design: Job/task
Sectors: NATS, Medical, Nuclear, Defence (air, land sea)

Assessment: Office/DSE
Sectors: Cross sector
Assessment: Usability
Sectors: NATS, Investment banking, Mortgage lenders, Insurance companies, Defence, Rail control room
Assessment: Workplace general
Sectors: Packaging
Assessment: Repetitive tasks, MSDs
Sectors:  ATC, Medical / Surgery, Defence, Nuclear, Rail, Packaging
Assessment: Manual handling
Sectors: Defence, Nuclear
Assessment: Environmental
Sectors: Nuclear

Management: Risk
Sectors: ATC, Nuclear, Defence, Rail, Medical
Management: Fatigue and stress
Sectors: Defence
Management: Musculoskeletal disorders
Sectors: ATC, Nuclear, Defence, Rail, Medical
Management: Procedures
Sectors: Nuclear, Rail

Training: Ergonomics & human factors
Sectors: Medical

Investigation: Safety case reviews
Sectors: Nuclear, Defence
Investigation: Human performance
Sectors: Defence

Analysis: Safety case
Sectors: Nuclear, ATC, Defence, Rail
Analysis: Task analysis
Sectors: Nuclear, Medical, Rail, Defence
Investigation: Workload
Sectors: ATC, Defence, Rail
Investigation: Human error and reliability
Sectors: Nuclear, Rail, ATC