About us

Established: 1978
First registered: 1996
Indemnity: Company
Registered ergonomists: 3

SAMMIE is a 3D human modelling, computer-aided ergonomics design system that is used to predict postural problems at the concept stage of design. We work closely with other specialists, when necessary, in order to identify the optimum compromises, working within design constraints, to ensure that users can be accommodated comfortably and can work efficiently and safely. The company also offers traditional ergonomics methods, training, support throughout product development and expert witness opinion.

Areas of work
Anatomy & Anthropometry in Human Activities
Design & Layout of Displays & Controls
Design of Control Rooms
Expert Witness: Various Work Situations
Industrial Design Applications
Industrial/Commercial Workplace Design
Manual Handling of Loads: Safety & Training
Product Design & Consumer Ergonomics
Systems Analysis
Vehicle & Transport Ergonomics

Areas of Expertise