14 Jan 2022

Assessing Display Screen Equipment (System Concepts)

Provides a grounding in legislation, supporting standards and best practice and gives tips on practical ways to conduct assessments and rectify areas of concern.

About the course

This course provides delegates with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to conduct a basic DSE assessment, implement simple modifications and make effective recommendations to ensure a DSE-compliant, ergonomic setup. It focuses on cost-effective and practical solutions to help employees work more comfortably and more efficiently.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in becoming an in-house display screen equipment (DSE) assessor, or any existing DSE assessors wishing to build on their knowledge of DSE requirements and improve their assessment and recommendation skills to ensure an ergonomic workstation setup for their colleagues who might have a range of basic musculoskeletal, eyesight and psychosocial issues.

Why should you attend?

All employers must conform with DSE legislation to assess and ensure an ergonomic computer set-up for any employee using DSE for a significant part of their normal working day and any workstation used by a DSE user/operator. 

What you will learn

You can prevent and/or resolve many musculoskeletal issues and eye strain from developing by achieving an ergonomic workstation setup and adopting an ergonomic way of working. This course teaches you the foundations of becoming a DSE assessor. On it you will learn: 

  • How to approach DSE assessments within your organisation.
  • The importance of an ergonomic workstation and work organisation.
  • What equipment is needed to meet minimum legislative requirements.
  • How to evaluate a workstation and identify ergonomic risks based on the individual needs of the user.
  • Relevant guidelines and advice to help you make practical and cost-effective improvements and recommendations to DSE work at your own place of work.

Expected outcomes

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Define what a workstation is.
  • Explain the main legal requirements and risks associated with poor workstation setup.
  • Conduct, record and review DSE assessments in your workplace.
  • Identify the causes of problems relating to poor computer and mobile device use.
  • Make appropriate modifications and recommendations to workstations to ensure an ergonomic DSE setup.

Course content

This course is highly interactive with many different group activities, as well as hands on experience conducting a workstation assessment by following a simple checklist. The course uses slides and videos to reinforce the ergonomics principles presented. Key elements of the course are as follows.

  • Introduction to ergonomics.
  • UK regulations and legal responsibilities.
  • DSE-related risks, including musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Identifying and minimizing ergonomic risks/issues.
  • Achieving an ergonomic workstation setup and work organisation.
  • Evaluating a range of different workstations and equipment (including a practical DSE assessment).
  • Applying legal guidelines and ergonomic principles to identify appropriate solutions to DSE-related issues.


Participants must complete a test at the end of the course.

What’s included?

A comprehensive reference manual and a simple DSE checklist is provided for each delegate.

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