Institute for Occupational Ergonomics

About us

Established: 1986
First registered: 1995
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 6
Other ergonomists: 5
Total staff: 24

The IOE provides advice, investigations and training in ergonomics to all sectors of industry and commerce, labour organisations and government. The range of staff in the IOE gives us competence across the ergonomics field. Our approach embraces thorough knowledge of previous and current work and related data, appropriate tools and techniques, user-centred and participative approaches, and a strong awareness of technical and economic constraints and their effects.

In all its work the IOE emphasizes: quality of service to the client; wealth creation and quality of life outcomes; ethical and effective methods and approaches; and timely delivery of reports, products and assessments. Because of our experience since 1986, our highly qualified staff, and an independent and financially sound base in the University of Nottingham, we can offer a flexible, high quality ergonomics service.

Areas of work
Anatomy and Anthropometry in Human Activities
Cognitive Ergonomics, Complex Tasks
Human-Computer Interface Design & Assessment
Human Reliability
Industrial/Commercial Workplace Design
Product Design & Consumer Ergonomics
Sociotechnical Systems & Ergonomics
Training for Management & Staff
Vehicle and Transport Ergonomics
Work Related Musculoskeletal Problems

Areas of Expertise