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Established: 1977
First registered: 1995
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 17
Other ergonomists: 1
Total staff: 15

CCD is a human factors-led design consultancy based in central London. Our practice is multi-disciplinary bringing together Ergonomists, Psychologists, Interior Designers and Graphic Designers to provide an integrated approach to the design of workspaces, systems, environmental graphics, digital interaction and public spaces. We have been applying this pragmatic blend of skills to bring benefits to our clients for over 35 years.

We work in rail and road transport sectors, at airports, for the nuclear and oil & gas industries, the emergency services, as well as for companies in security and research sectors.

We have completed projects across the UK and in countries including Denmark, Italy, France, Georgia, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA & Australia. Our clients include Network Rail, CERN, Siemens, Heathrow Airport, Transport for London, Thames Water, Home Office, ITER, Metropolitan Police, NATS, Eurostar and Hyundai.

We provide human factors consulting services advising our clients on how to improve efficiency and reduce human error by optimising work environments, systems & processes. Our work includes:
– Integrating human factors thinking into engineering projects
– Modelling and predicting human performance including workload and human error assessments
– Applied research experiments to predict human performance
– Evaluating how workspaces are designed using specialist human 3D CAD analysis.

We undertake design research using ethnographic methods to look at human behavior and provide insight into the design process. We have particular experience in applying these skills in the design of customer experiences notably in the transport sector.

We are specialists in wayfinding and the design of environmental graphics. We use our understanding of human behavior to inform the development of wayfinding strategies, the design of traditional and digital signage and to test our solutions. Our work includes wayfinding design at Stansted Airport, York University, London Gateway Port, Gatwick Airport and for the Canal & River Trust.

We create workspaces that focus on human behavior, wellbeing and performance. We use our ergonomics & design research skills to develop workspace strategies that are delivered by our interior design team. We design offices, studios, laboratories, contact centres and CCD is a world leader in the ergonomic design of control centres. Our services cover:
– Strategic consulting to establish the feasibility of projects including concept design and operational concepts
– Operational analysis to identify communication and functional links
– End user engagement through mock-up trials, interactive design exercises and rapid prototyping
– Furniture layout design
– Interior design
– Furniture design
– Physical security & threat assessment
– Environmental design including lighting and acoustics
– 3D CAD visualisation
– Design management through procurement and installation.

Visit our website for more on our capabilities and case studies and see how we bring together design and ergonomics to add value to the projects we work on and deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

Areas of work
Design of Control Rooms
Human-Computer Interface Design & Assessment
Industrial Design Applications
Industrial/Commercial Workplace Design
Office ergonomics & design
Product design & consumer ergonomics
Risk assessments – various work situations
Systems Analysis
User Requirements & Guidance
Usability assessment
Vehicle & Transport Ergonomics
Work-related musculoskeletal problems

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