News: Three golden rules for home working

CIEHF President Bob Bridger spoke to iNews reporter Etan Smallman this week about the importance of good ergonomics when working from home during the coronavirus isolation period.

In light of the fact that thousands of people will be working at home, Bob, the author of A Guide To Active Working in the Modern Office, shared his three golden rules when using a laptop for long periods. The first is to get a separate keyboard and mouse to use with it, the second is to adjust the chair to fit you, and the third is to position the equipment properly. This means that the top of the laptop screen is about the level of your eyes, the keyboard is at elbow height and your feet are flat on the floor or on a footrest.

He goes on to say that if your feet don't touch the floor when you're sitting comfortably, you should put your feet on a box under the desk to avoid them dangling – and this way, it also reduces the risk of foot swelling. And if you're tall, you may need to raise the laptop up on a couple of books in order to get the screen to a good height for you. The screen should be at least 70cm from your face to avoid eye strain, and a window with a view also helps your eye muscles relax when you look out.

For those of us without a proper office chair, Bob shares a trick: “Put a rolled-up bath towel down by your lower back, and that will give you some lumber support.”

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