News: Taking climate action from the extreme to the mainstream

Dealing with climate change and sustainability is not only a business imperative, but a socioeconomic issue that will impact every business and every human on the planet. Published by the CIEHF, and supported by K Sharp Ltd, 'Climate ergonomics: embedding sustainability into everyday business', is the beginning of our conversation about how as human factors professionals we can play our part personally and professionally through our science and discipline.

The document looks at how human factors and ergonomics has an important contribution to make in supporting how business goes about making the changes that are so urgently required. Our guide will support industry in taking the required steps to encourage the necessary changes in behaviours and, from a practical perspective, it also offers a series of tools and recommendations to build sustainability-focused greener goods, services and practices.

The guide, 'Climate ergonomics: embedding sustainability into everyday business' is available to download now.