Healthcare White Paper published

On Thursday 4th October, at the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London, we launched our much-awaited White Paper setting out CIEHF's vision for the integration of Human Factors in Health & Social Care.

The launch event was a great opportunity for individuals working in Health and Social Care, both clinical and non-clinical, to understand how human factors expertise can help and benefit patients, staff and their organisations.

The event began with a two hour taster workshop to raise awareness and understanding about the discipline and practical application of human factors. Case studies were used to demonstrate how human factors has been used in a range of different health and social care settings and how it can be applied practically to resolve problems that prevent the delivery of efficient, high quality and safe care.

A lively networking session was followed by the evening's talks, introduced by Dr Ian Randle, CIEHF President 2016/17, who sponsored the White Paper initiative.

Two talks were given by the instigators and lead authors of the White Paper, Professor Sue Hignett and Dr Alex Lang, who outlined the CIEHF's vision for human factors in health and social care. They discussed the content of the paper and its importance as a strategic landmark in the push for increased knowledge and competence within the health and social care sector.

Dr Brian Edwards also gave a talk, outlining the multi-faceted work of CIEHF's unique Pharmaceutical Sector Group and its growing influence in a number of important areas such as manufacturing, technology and device design.

Finally, the evening's keynote was given by Dr Paul Bowie of NHS Scotland who discussed the strategies and initiatives being put in place to help ensure human factors becomes embedded in healthcare practice in Scotland. A drinks reception rounded off the event.

Photo from left to right: Dr Alex Lang, Dr Paul Bowie, Dr Ian Randle, Dr Brian Edwards & Professor Sue Hignett. Watch the videos of their talks.

The evening was attended by healthcare professionals and human factors specialists, who each received a printed copy of the White Paper and left with our vision of how human factors can make life better in health and social care.

The White Paper is now available as a digital download. Get your copy here.