Can you sum up what ergonomics means to the world in just two-minutes?

If you had to do a two-minute elevator pitch for ergonomics and human factors, what would you say? See some example videos on our new website.

What examples would you give to help someone understand how far-reaching ergonomics is and how its application can make the world a better place?

We’re looking for 70 short videos, which could be filmed on your smartphone, illustrating ergonomics and human factors in the world around us. These will be posted on our YouTube channel throughout the year, and then linked from our website, on social media and in other ways. There’s a wide remit here, so you can cover anything from a simple interface on a consumer product or website (pointing out how easy or effective it is to use and how this relates to ergonomics) to a complex system like air traffic control (saying in simple terms how the current system has benefited from human factors considerations).

Bearing in mind the aim is to raise public awareness, the message needs to be simple to understand, clear and preferably focused on one recognisable thing. If appropriate, you could illustrate your message with a bad design but counter it with a good design to show how ergonomics principles have a positive impact.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know whether or not ergonomics research and methods were used in your chosen example, and it doesn’t have to show the result of a detailed ergonomics design process; the point is simply to demonstrate a principle or a good example of ergonomics and human factors in practice, especially in areas that people might not otherwise have associated with our discipline.

Although there will be some vetting of submissions, primarily to ensure diversity of examples, don’t feel you have to have any great video skills; this is meant to show the real world, so just get out your smartphone and record something. You don’t have to play a starring role either, you or a colleague could just add a commentary to explain the ergonomics point you’re making. It just needs to be informative, engaging and ideally entertaining – and a maximum of two minutes long. 
Make sure you start with a title for your video and please finish your video with our website address - either spoken or written along the lines of: "To find out more about ergonomics, please visit"

When you're done, send your video via wetransfer to