CIEHF launches oxygen safety campaign

The CIEHF has launched an oxygen safety campaign today, aimed at people working at the bedside within hospitals and at the ward level.

As hospitals all over the world prepare for the surge of patients infected by the Omicron variant - Oxygen safety is a critical issue especially when staff are working under a great deal of pressure and stress. Oxygen leakages can create risks of fire and even explosions.

The CIEHF have consulted with clinicians, fire safety specialists and experts across a wide range of professional bodies and organisations, including the Institute of Occupational Medicine, IIRSM, British Compressed Gases Association, and NHS professionals, to produce a bedside poster.

The poster can be downloaded here, printed, and used as a bedside poster as a quick reminder for oxygen safety procedures.

For more information about the campaign, more publications, and human factors response to Covid-19, visit our website here.

Beyond the CIEHF campaign, the following oxygen safety resources, produced by some of our partners, are available to download:

Health & Safety Executive: Oxygen use in the Workplace
NHS England & Improvement: Covid-19 Response – Oxygen Supply and Fire Safety
NHS England & Improvement: Patient Safety Alert – Oxygen Flow
Health Education England: Delivering Oxygen Therapies
HSIB: Treating Covid-19 patients using CPAP
Intensive Care Society/British Thoracic Society: Respiratory Support Units