CIEHF Documents

Governing documents

The CIEHF is a Chartered body and as such has rules and regulations for the management of its internal affairs and conduct of its business as well as the relation between the members and the CIEHF. This is set out in the Charter documents which include the Royal Charter itself, the Byelaws, the General Regulations and the associated items such as the Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary Procedure. These replace our previous Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.

CIEHF Charter documents

Annual reports

Our annual reports are comprehensive reports on our activities throughout the preceding year, and summaries of our financial performance.
CIEHF Annual Report 2017
CIEHF Annual Report 2016
CIEHF Annual Report 2015
IEHF Annual Report 2014
IEHF Annual Report 2013
IEHF Annual Report 2012
IEHF Annual Report 2011
IEHF Annual Report 2010
Ergonomics Society Annual Report 2009

Professional Affairs Board rules

You can read the full set of rules governing PAB activities (v6), but please note that these are currently under review.

Expenses form

For those on official Institute business or authorised to claim please refer to the expenses policy below and download the expense claim form to make a claim.
CIEHF Expense Policy
CIEHF Expenses Claim Form