BAE Human Factors Integration

About us

Established: 1990
Indemnity: Company
Chartered ergonomists: 4
Other ergonomists: 6
Total staff: 15

BAE Systems has world leading human factors integration skills that can be employed in the design of user-centred security solutions.

The BAE Systems Human Factors Integration (HFI) team comprises ergonomists, applied psychologists and systems engineers, whose skills and expertise are used to develop practical and cost effective solutions in both defence and civil markets. BAE Systems currently lead the UK Defence Human Capability Science & Technology Centre (DHCSTC), the UK MoD’s Research programme which provides world leading defence research across a number of human capability themes.

The Human Factors team uses scientific tools, techniques and processes to assess human capabilities, limitations and interactions with technologies and environments to help improve the design of products, processes and systems. We conduct research and consultancy for both UK and International clients.

Areas of work
Cognitive Ergonomics, Complex Tasks
Computer software ergonomics
Computer terminals – design & layout
Design& layout of displays/controls
Human Computer Interface design & assessment
Human reliability
Industrial design applications
Industrial/commercial workplace design
Management & Ergonomics
Manual handling of loads – safety & training
Office ergonomics & design
Physiological aspects & medical ergonomics
Product design & consumer ergonomics
Risk assessments – various work stations
Sociotechnical systems & ergonomics
Systems Analysis
Task analysis
Training for management & staff
Usability assessments
User requirements & guidance
Work-related musculoskeletal problems
Vehicle & transport ergonomics

Areas of Expertise

Area of ExpertiseSector
  BAE Human Factors IntegrationBAE Human Factors Integrationa4c16109-d591-450d-9176-2b15449d9c25c4145650-d94b-4ab3-86b2-c41058630cfcBAE Human Factors Integration 8 James Road Peasmarsh GUILDFORD, Surrey GU3 1NF UNITED KINGDOM
  BAE Human Factors IntegrationBAE Human Factors Integrationa4c16109-d591-450d-9176-2b15449d9c25657d7a05-197d-43a3-b5df-e6e00a1171fbBAE Human Factors Integration 8 James Road Peasmarsh GUILDFORD, SRY GU3 1NF UNITED KINGDOM